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Pricing is a monthly base plus per claim processed. Volume discounts are automatically accounted for. Call today for a custom pricing quote for your practice. (402)951-4600


We will assist in helping you get connected to all the insurance companies so your claims can go through as soon as possible.

Claims Mediation

Occasionally a Payer will dispute the claim that has been submitted. We will help you appeal the rejection and strive for a quick settlement.

Pay Plan admin

Occasionally patients can't afford a lump sum payment. We will work with them to setup an agreeable payment plan and make sure it is paid.

Claims Submission

Send us your claims and our submission team will ensure they are submitted properly and on time.

Advanced Reporting

We will provide you with a full report for all the claim we submit for you. Keeping you in the loop for your peace of mind.

Pre-Qualify Patients

You send us a list of patients to be seen and we will provide you with their eligibility, co-pay and deductible information before they arrive.

Approval Monitoring

Once we submit the claim we monitor it constantly to ensure it goes through and fix it if it doesn't!

Accounts Receivables

We will bill your patients directly for the unpaid balance due on claims once they have been processed by the payers.

Soft Collections

Sometime patients refuse to pay their medical bills. We work on your behalf to pursue collections by all legal means necessary with your approval.

Inbound Patient Calls

We will take phone calls directly from your patients to answer any billing questions they might have. Saving you time and staffing expenses.

HIPAA Training

As a value add we provide free HIPAA training from Discovering HIPAA for all our customers. PHI security is a high priority for us and we try to assist in this area any way we can.


Cash-flow is King

In any business cash-flow is the key to success. When you claims aren't going through quickly you cash-flow is impeded. If that goes on for too long your practice won't survive. Entrust this important part of your practice to us and keep that revenue flowing!

Customize your plan

The three packages above are not set in stone. Not everyone needs everything we offer. We can customize a services plan for you and let you pick and choose what will help you the most in your medical billing.

Custom Packages

Next Steps...

Even if you need just one of these services we need to chat. Call us today (402)951-4600 or use our Contact Us form and we will reach out.