Get Paid Faster

Our customers know that their claims will be submitted and monitored for approval. We guarantee submission within 24 hour of receiving the claim! Cash-flow is crucial for a successful practice! We can do that for you!

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Claim Approved

We know payers are very particular about the claims they receive. Our expert team knows how to get them approved and will stick with the claim until it is! Even if we have to mediate on your behalf. Approved!

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It's Done!

Submit It and Forget It is our goal for you. From your first enrollment to the last patient pay-plan payment we are there for you so you can be there for your patients! Check out our plans to help you succeed!

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Since 1993

Medical Billing Done

Imagine if your daily billing tasks consisted of just 1 step, "Send the claims to Qwik+Bill." How would that change your day? How much time would that free up for you and your staff to focus on your patients?

We want you to have the freedom and confidence to Submit It and Forget It. Our team will setup your practice, connect you to the insurance companies, submit the claims, monitor them for approval, resubmit to secondaries and patients as needed and send you a report to let you know how it all went!

Our enterprise support level will even let you take advantage of our collection services including being the point of contact for your patients billing questions. Take a deep breath your freedom from billing is just a phone call away! 402.951.4600

Billing Done

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Call 402-951-4600 or use our Contact Us link and we will reach out to you and get you started on our worry free billing system today!